Minecraft is a virtual world-building game played by nine million creative, collaborative and curious people. Currently ten thousand people a day buy a one-time $25 licence. It was designed and built by a small independent game developer in Sweden called Mojang AB. Learn more about Minecraft from the Minecraft Wiki.

Education is a serious game.

Minecraft is an accessible technology for anyone who has modest computer and online experience. However, it’s capacity to represent imagined and real-world spaced in three dimensions is robust. So accessible and so extensible is this tool, the UN-Habitat program is using Minecraft to help people around the world re-imagine their neighbourhoods by rebuilding them, virtually, in Minecraft. The program is called Block by Block.

Why not re-imagine the university class – or entire university – using the same accessible and extensible tool: Minecraft?

Many educators have begun to explore Minecraft as an educational tool, particularly in primary and secondary education. We modestly want to extend and explore their work and the work of many media and education academics who have contributed a wealth of knowledge to our understanding of learning, teaching, space, virtuality and PLAY.

MinecraftUni is a collaborative, international, multiple-institutional action research project.

The MinecraftUni Project aims to contribute to knowledge about:

  • Participatory culture and blended learning at university.
  • Facilitating learners to create user-generated virtual worlds in which to learn and socialise.
  • The affordances of 3D virtual spaces that replicate real-world learning and teaching spaces.
  • The efficacy of embedding simple textual learning resources in a Minecraft learning space.

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